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About Activ


activ web design west walesWhy choose Activ?

Activ Web Design is one of the UK's largest web design networks, with Web Design and Marketing consultants who all operate their own businesses across the UK, with a service that's been specifically tailored to serve local small and medium sized businesses.

We're different from most Web Design companies because we clearly show all of our total package prices on the site, so you know right from the start what you are getting for your money, without the worry of costs building later on. We also make a point of operating in a jargon free, plain speaking manner, making the whole process as straight forward and stress free as possible.



I will organize a time best suited to you, to come and visit you at your place of work or another location if preferable, in order to get a deeper understanding of your business and define exactly what you need for your online offering. Totally free, with no obligation on your part to commit in any way.


We offer three clear price points for Web Design packages; Starting at £299 for a 3 page starter site, onto £499 for a comprehensive brochure site, and finally £999 for a complete e-commerce web shop. These prices include the domain name of your choice and full web hosting for a year.


Our prices are clear and transparent, clearly showing the complete price for Web Design and 12 months hosting, there are no hidden extras from what we display. Activ have provided winning web sites for thousands of customers over the years. Please see our Portfolio, to see just what our customers have to say.


I will work around your time frame, ensuring that we can deliver the website your business deserves. And once the site is live, I won’t just disappear into the web “ether”, I’ll be here providing support - to help with any issues and make any minor changes or updates you require


Activ Web Design was launched early in 2007, and has continued to flourish year on year. The company’s progress has been driven by our original findings and examinations of the market, which are;

  • Although the internet is such a familiar part of our lives now, lots of people are still confused and wary when it comes to putting their own business online.
  • When you visit some web design companies out there, it can be a minefield of technical jargon and acronyms, which simply creates more of a barrier from you understanding the actual subject. All of this just further puts people off taking the right steps to getting their business online.
  • Some web design companies have complex pricing plans, rarely showing the final price up front and extra fees and charges can appear along the way. With Activ, you can relax in the knowedge that the price shown is the price you will actually pay, so you know that there won't be any nasty surprises later on. It’s also common in the industry for the entire process to be done remotely, never actually physically meeting the customer. The internet is an incredible tool, but when it comes to really understanding a business and individual’s actual requirements, you can’t beat meeting in person, and this is something we consider key in the whole process.


Activ Web Design have recognised that what local people and businesses need most when taking the first steps in putting their business, group or sports team on line, is by keeping everything as straight forward and easy to understand as possible. If you’ve looked into having a web site previously and were put off by the process or costs, or already have a site but are unhappy with your current provider, or maybe you have never even considered what the benefits could be, I would be happy to visit you and explain why a website will provide huge benefits to your business or group.

If you need any further evidence of what a website can do for you or your business, please see the Office for National Statistic (ONS) figures below; 

  • In 2013, 36 million adults (73%) in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day, 20 million more than in 2006, when directly comparable records began.
  • Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2013, from 24% to 53%.
  • In 2013, 72% of all adults bought goods or services online, up from 53% in 2008.
  • In Great Britain, 21 million households (83%) had Internet access in 2013.
  • Broadband Internet connections using fibre optic or cable were used by 42% of households, up from 30% in 2012

Imagine what the figures will be like is just a few more years time… Don’t get left behind. Contact Activ and we can give you the website you need. 

why choose activ?

Low price, fixed cost. 
We'll clearly     explain the cost of your website right   from the beginning, so no need to worry about extra charges creeping in.
Activ web design west walesSpecialists in the SME'S sector. The Activ group together have designed thousands of websites for business owners since 2007.
Local web design consultants. We run our own business and live in the local area, so understand exactly what’s required to make a website successful in the area.