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Continuing on from our excellent value Web Design packages, Activ now also offer Apps! From just £299 for a single platform, and £499 for the complete 3 platform package, we can provide an App specifically designed for your business!

Activ west ales Apps

When most people consider a Mobile App for their business, the initial thought is the cost, with most companies quoting prices into the thousands for an App, it's out of reach of most small businesses. But with Activ Apps starting from just £299, and £499 for a multiple platform App, it's now within reach of most business owners!

Apps are a little different from Web sites, in that they need to be specifically designed for each platform, Android, and Apple etc. We provide Apps for the three main platforms, enabling you to have them individually, or covering all three.

Our low cost fixed prices, give you the total cost upfront, so you know right from the start what the total price is. The App will be designed and built around your specific requirements and design viewpoint.

Why Choose us?

  1. We show our prices up front, giving you the final cost, with peace of mind that there won't be any add-on costs lurking later.
  2. We work with local businesses, enabling us to work closely with you to get the exact design and functionality you need with the App.
  3. The Activ group have been providing websites for thousands of satisfied customers since 2007, giving you peace of mind that you're dealing with an established experienced company.
  4. Our Mobile Apps are designed and built specifically for small and medium sized businesses, with excellent value making them accessible to most companies.


How an App can help your buiness:


Options & Pricing

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activ web design west wales apps








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